Prediction of events in the world or a person's evolution.

In September 11, 1997, IJP. Appel Guéry announced: "In 15 days from now, there will be serious problems in Italy.
Things will enter a new situation there, and there is a risk for certain circuits to be violently displaced, possibly causing an earthquake. If there is no modification of the surface systems in presence, there will be very serious problems in the form."
In the following weeks, there occurred the first earthquake in Italy, on September 26, 1997 (Assisi, Trieste, Venice, Sicily), followed by other shakes that caused casualties and the destruction of buildings, including part of the Assisi basilica.
On October 2, 1997, there was another earthquake in Sicily, with no victim this time.
Marie Z.

On October 14, 1997, Appel Guéry announced the coming of four hurricanes in French Polynesia: "There will be hurricanes, more than those that have already been anticipated".
In October 1997 the first hurricane hit Polynesia. On November 17, 1997, the weather report announced the coming of 3 new ones.
Sylvie T.


In April 1995, IJP. Appel Guéry told JC. that he could see a problem upon him, which was to become more serious in four months. Indeed, 4 months later, JC. discovered a ball in his neck and got surgery.
The thing proved to be cancerous. Had he not reacted in due time, his life would have been endangered.
Nadina V.

During a lecture, Appel Guéry suddenly stopped and said that he could see that the soul of a government minister was in difficulty. The next day we heard that Robert Boulin, at that time a minister in the French government, had committed suicide.
Alan B.

Suddenly interrupting his lecture, Appel Guery transmitted this: the vessels are about to immediately leave, to go and control a situation because there is an uprising taking place in Colombia.
It was a surprising, very strange situation.
The next day, although I very seldom turn on the radio, I suddenly turned it on and the speaker precisely said this: "There has been a coup, a political overthrow in Colombia, there was an uprising, etc." The date was in the month October 1979, to be specific.
Vincente C.

At the beginning of 1999, I had to go to the burial of my sister-in-law. The day before, I told IJP. Appel Guéry about it and in the conversation he said that there would be an energy exchange on the occasion because, as a being would be rising towards a plane of light, the superior planes would take this opportunity to send me a circuit of light that would be appropriate for me.

The next day, as I attended the burial, the atmosphere was rather painful because she was a relatively young being leaving us. At some moment I closed my eyes and I saw a huge whirl of light coming to me; I saw the face of my sister-in-law, half-unreal, with a very serene face, the face she had had in her teens; and she disappeared in the light.

The vortex of light was extremely powerful and I had the feeling I could be suctioned into it, I felt very good, it was very intense. At that moment, I was not at all thinking of what Appel Guéry had told me; it is only much later during the day that I made the connection between his prediction and the very strong experience I had lived.
B. L.

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