Clairvoyance, through the weaves of past, present or even future events.

One day, aboard a ship, IJP. Appel Guéry said to us: "There is a problem, here, in this ship", pointing at the floor. We opened the trap-door to the hold, and started removing everything that was stored there, and he continued saying "There, this way!" Once the whole heap of equipment that was masking the skull had been taken away, and at the very spot indicated, we could see that one copper pipe in the water supply system was oxydised and that this was causing damage in the wooden skull!
Alain C.
In April 1986, we were in French Polynesia, and IJP. Appel Guéry told me that he could see that I had a tiny blue cross, in the shape of a slit, at my heart chakra, and that this was connected to the Templars time. He already had pup me as a connection antenna during an encounter concerning the Templar banner. In January 1998, I had my karmic astrological chart drawn, and the first information the astrologist gave me was about a Templar incarnation. I had not told him about what I had previously experienced.
Josette M.

One day, IJP. Appel Guéry was answering a question I had asked, and he suddenly started to describe my childhood house. It was very precisely my grandmother's. He described the house, its facades, the tree, the inner park, how the entrance was. Everything was there. He also could see my grandmother and described her cane, and her very specific personality which he could never have known before, but it was exactly how she was. He said that she wanted us to know something very specific that concerned our family, which was transmitted to us in that way."
Valeria R.

I was travelling with IJP. Appel Guéry, and at some moment on the trip he started to use a very specific language with codings. I could feel the presence of vessels. As we were driving through the fog, data were given about every event that was about to happen. We were alone on the road, and he would say: "a red car is approaching".
And the red car would arrive. He would say that we would have to stop for a train at a level-crossing after the next turn, and it would be true. We received a lot of this kind of information.
It was very intense, because we were in a current of communication and energy that was totally new.
Patrick T

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