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Energy management, vibratory level shift, energy clearing, illumination, action for the disappearance of pain or energy loads.
When Appel Guéry is transmitting some energetic and interdimensional information, as we take in this information, we can perceive movements of energy that make us lve faster. Sometimes, he stops talking, and we have an inner communication.
At that moment, we can feel changes within us, and, when at the end we share the aftermath, we realise that all of us have perceived and experienced the same thing.
Patrick T.

Thanks to gradual contact with the information of consciousness, experiences and lifestyle proposed Appel Guéry, I could leave the great solitude I had been suffering during my whole youth.
I started to understand the meaning of my life on Earth, and to be able to live a better life with myself and with others, an to better know myself. I could discover the immensity of the universe, learn how to converse with other dimensions, and recover harmony with God.
As Appel Guéry is very passionate for understanding the origin of things, he has created syntheses and diagrams that bring a much clearer awareness and consciousness about how to live a happier life.

Obviously, in my opinion, with his subtlety and the quality of happiness and freedom he brings about, with the degree of truth and efficiency of his teachings, Appel Guéry considerably outshines the efficiency of currently accepted techniques in the domain of psychotherapy and psychoanalysis.

For the last three months I had been suffering constant back pain. I had been receiving physical therapy treatments and doing exercises according to a rehabilitation specialist's advice, the typical things! I could notice some improvement, but in spite of that, I was still having this deep shooting pain at a specific spot of a dorsal vertebra. One day, I met IJP Appel Guéry on my way, and he had not been told about my health problems. While greeting me, he put his hand on my back. It was simply magical! His extremely soft gesture had erased the pain and dissolved a kind of nodule anchored in the memory of my flesh. I was extremely surprised at the incredible precision and power of this gesture that completely released me of this pain."

The energy that Appel Guéry transmits helped me discover that it was possible to go very far beyond what I could imagine beforehand. Thanks to that, I could gradually recover my balance. This situation allowed me to learn about all of the aspects of myself, to listen to them and to give them the right to exist, beyond every prejudice and taboo.
I could learn how to listen to others and to find myself in them, to love them and to respect them. It is not simple to meet oneself because we are terribly conditioned by all kinds of elements from our education and the culture in which we live.

When the consciousness wakes up, it develops capacities enabling us to contact those other dimensions of ourselves that are not enclosed in the material limits of space and time.
Therefore, I could witness the arising of some of these capacities: telepathy, inspiration, clairvoyance, intuitions that appear under the form of premonitions, out-of-body journeys, perception of vibratory fields, teachings in dreams, the understanding of the weaves at play behind the events.

"Your conferences and teachings have a strong and decisive action. They bring about elements that are globally very important for the evolution of the being. And for my own growth, they have been of the greatest significance.
Your innovating concepts do not remain abstract notions. On the contrary, they act upon the beings and change them from the inside".
S. F.

"I have been studying your teachings for more that ten years. During all this time, I were able to perceive deeply the changes in all the aspects of my life.
With people living the same inspiration, I were able to greatly intensify the experiences of contact with my inner being.
Through the study of the Unitary Science, I was able to understand the world better and to get certain keys allowing me to reveal myself and to accelerate my evolution. With every step I feel more complete and more certain to be in my true path, with an inner strength that allows me to transform everything that might hinder my advance toward the Celestial Father.
Today, I feel closer to the real happiness that gives me the experience of a magical encounter with the elevated subtle dimensions. Thank you for this teaching that I am living today, for it is a transcendent luminous cosmic reality". C. R., - Brazil.

"When reading unitary teachings, I could make my physical, mental and spiritual bodies grow. On a personal level, I am always trying to be in relation with my innermost self, so as to be able to contact my cosmic dimension in my moments of elevation.
IJP.Appel Guéry, you are giving advice and information that are exceptional. They fill up my whole inner universe. This evolution voyage in totality has become a search for the truth of my existence. Our body is a sort of matrix in which a perfect co-ordination of our nature must take place. Some people are not happy because they cannot access their inner universe.

True happiness is inside of us, in order to know true subtle beauty. It is wonderful to feel the divine essence that vibrates in our whole being". Angélica R.- Brazil

"My life has incredibly changed from the moment when I became acquainted with your teachings. I began to put them into practice - for example, energy decanting, and meditation - and they allowed me to find new values.
I have understood that this life is a great chance for me to evolve and that I must not miss every opportunity given to me in order to do it. With meditation I can live within me intensely. I am more calm, patient, flexible with others and with myself too.
Every one has a mission and has to find it in order to finish it, or at least try to do it and help others do it too. Now in my life I try to make every minute a chance to evolve and accomplish my mission."
J. M., Brazil.
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