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"Dear Mr. Appel Guéry, I have been thoroughly reading your books with great happiness. At last I could find elements to understand life and be able to cleverly direct it without falling into the traps of our materialistic society! Thank you for introducing this consciousness of the weaves of other dimensions, and this understanding of the management of the universe, into the current trend of thought on the planet. Thank you for helping us reach the innermost sacred secrets of the Intra-universe". Elsi L., Brussels - Belgium.

"... The study of your teachings gave a new meaning to my life. It filled me with a new youth and allowed me to recover the essential point that my material VIVIR LA UNIÓN CÓSMICA prevented me from developing. This information allowed me to develop my sensitivity and to contact again the superior transcendent part of myself. I was asking myself a number of questions on life, death, on my programme and I could find answers to all of these essential questions...". Patrick T., France

"The lifestyle you advise in your teachings, IJP. Appel Guéry, offered me the possibility to get closer to my dimension of superior cosmic consciousness. As a consequence, I gained a more global vision of things, of the environment, and of the laws that rule the beings. This information has helped me get in touch with my essential and understand the totality of my personality. Y. B., Poland.

"... Seen from a mundane point of view, I had everything. I was in law school, I came from a good family, I had a boyfriend, my future looked gorgeous. Apparently, everything was decided: a law career, marriage, children, all you need to become a respectable person in front of society. But faced with the world as I could see it, I was assailed with doubts and dissatisfaction that made me feel depressed. It allowed me to know a new lifestyle in which the people were trying to grow in the inside and in the outside of themselves.
"The most surprising was to discover that the human being is composed of different facets, and that all of them must be developed if we want to be happy on this planet. Otherwise we cannot be complete. I found answers to my dissatisfaction. I realised that social life only teaches the social, emotional and professional aspects, but does not allow a fulfilment of oneself as a man or as a woman. Therefore I decided to become a member of these groups of people who are trying to be connected to consciousness in every action of their life. Now I have found a meaning to my life. It has become the animating source of all my actions and without it I could live no more." Renata C. M., - Brazil.

"Dear Appel Guéry, here is good news! I eventually have decided to do the will of our Father. I have started on achieving my programme. Thank you for planting the good seed. It took time, but finally it gave out its fruit. After all this time I have now understood and accepted my part as a messenger of Beauty, Goodness and Truth; and of the Love and the radiating Consciousness of our Father in Heaven through all the universes. It is such a joy to find one's exact place amidst the creation. It is like being born again. It is a gift of life and happiness. Being useful reveals to you that you are on the right path. Thank you again to you and to all those who formally and spiritually have helped me get there". S. M., USA.

"... For several years, I have done a research for a more consistent signification of my life on this planet. For a long time I had been thinking that there existed something more real and clearer in this life, something more than only being born, growing, studying, working, marrying, raising children and dying. The study of the Christian religion with its dogmas and mysteries brought to me a great many questions and I began studying the oriental philosophies. A few therapies helped me get rid of emotional loads in my physical body. But I was still asking myself a lot of questions. I was lacking something for the conquest of peace of happiness. When I got to know your teachings, Appel Guéry, I understood the existence of the invisible but perceptible subtle bodies. I could perceive the energy that circulates in my etheric body, the chakras, the prâna... All this became very important for me. I understood better the different planes of existence: created and uncreated worlds; visible and invisible dimensions; inferior, exterior and interior planes; Facts, Laws and Principles; the weaves; the relationships between humankind on this planet and the other planes; the different hierarchies; the extension of the soul; the depth of live; the games of the force.
What interested most in these teachings, is the vision of the whole of the human being, and of a superior spiritual plane above the deep material one. Through the Twelve Planes everything is explained in a clear, direct and open way. The understanding of this process allowed me to master the forces in my own system. I have become able to use the energies better when faced with my environment. I have become more confident, my relationships to others have become more balanced and harmonious. I share my enthusiasms and I live all this with my friends. We laugh together and we work together in a joyful atmosphere of well-being, celebration, knowledge and elevation..." Dora C., Itatiba - Brazil.

"During the contact with your message I felt how consciousness and force of intervention can act. In a few minutes, I passed from a sunk state to a state of incredible clarity. Something strong happened during which I was able to perceive the interaction of other dimensions with this plane. I understood how your presence is important in these other dimensions. From this, I keep something that I understand from you: you are really what you say you are. And maybe more on other planes... During the following days, I understood the reality of what you teach: we must respect and support our alliance with above, because it is so important in everyday life. However, one thing is certain. The only thing I can be proud of in my life, and of which I could testify on another plane, is the fact that I have met you. Thank you." Konrad K., Poland.

"The progressive contact with this information, these syntheses, have allowed me to get out of the intense loneliness I had experienced during my whole youth. I bagan to understand the meaning of this life on Earth; I were able to live with myself and with others in a better way. I could understand myself better. I discovered the immensity of the universe, the origin of everything. I awakened to my cosmic dimension, I learned how to dialog with other dimensions and recover harmony with God. Thank you Appel Guéry. Diana L., Spain.

"During my long and ancient adventure of evolution toward the continuous awakening of my consciousness, I was adjusting my being to a new dimension of cosmic life when I had a sign from Providence: somebody introduced me to you, IJP. Appel Guéry. Your books brought me synthetic codes of life and I discovered the Intra-Universal Unitary Science. I integrated this in my life on all levels and it allowed me to operate multiple transformations. I amplified my relations with other dimensions that prepare contact with the cosmos". Sabino S., São Paulo - Brazil.

"I want to say that your book - and the application of the advice in it - helped me a lot. I have found a greater lever of happiness than before, with an inner balance and the impression that I am unceasingly progressing toward a better integration of my whole personality. The conditions of happiness are interior. It is a permanent search that cannot be limited to material and financial notions. This search for self-realisation towards transcendence only can give a true meaning to human life in the universe. This is where I am now..." Mona S., France.

"This book made me feel that I could be in exactness, a very difficult thing to reach. It requires to face the complexity of this Universe will all its dimensions".
Bernard H., France.

"In September 1992, I contacted your teachings for the first time. IJP. Appel Guéry, I all of a sudden verified that I had found my energetic and spiritual family again. I was certain that this family could help me accomplish my programme: connect with the Source and help other people connect themselves on a path of elevation. This gives all my actions a major meaning, along with strength and a great joy". Susana H., São Paulo - Brazil.

"When reading this book, I understood that I would finally gain access to qualitative, consistent and complete information on basic notions that would allow me to understand the functioning of the human being, of the creation, of the universe. Finally, I would be able to receive answers to questions that I consider essential for a human being. These teachings allowed me to find hope for the future, to recover a joy of living and a certain dignity of myself as a human begin. For all this I thank you". Valerie Z., Spain.

"When I think of you, I think about this fusion in the unity that you have lived. This experience has touched me also. The my heart is illuminated with joy. This line of return toward this union is for me the most important in this world". François C., Germany.

"Certain events don't happen spontaneously out of nothing, they are the fruit of a long maturation. I believe that you had to gather a lot of courage in order to deliver this message. Modestly, I thank you for tracing this path. Konrad L., Poland.

"I thank you for your book. It is a work of synthesis that gives fundamental informations for the current situation of women in order to make it better. It helps us understand our future and find a greater happiness..." Patricia L., Belgium.

"I have found in your teachings certain knowledge and understanding of another truth, along with an exceptional goodness and a splendid beauty in the essentiality of the being in evolution". Élène C., France.

"The most determining for me was my encounter wit you. Studying your books helped me recover the ideal of my youth, which was: faith in God, but without the old religious concepts of the past. These old conceptions did not allow me to evolve, neither spiritually nor in my social and professional life - and still less in my life as a woman. You helped me find again the courage to live and continue on my path of personal growth. You helped me find hope again, along with the strenth to rebuild a better future". Valérie S., Austria.

"Dear IJP. Appel Guéry, the information and advice in your lectures helped me accelerate my evolution greatly. They helped me understand the meaning of life and to redimension myself. As a cosmic being, from power to consciousness, from the dense to the subtle, from the mortal to the immortal, I discovered true happiness and a closer approach to my spiritual Father. I reached a universal super-personal love, leading to a more divine love. That which I thought would be impossible to achieve in this life has become possible. All this is very magical, but real." Emilia Yeiko N., Campinas - Brazil.

"Your message was more than a message. It was our deep total communion. I thank you with my whole being. Even at this distance, you represent for me a considerable help, and this is incredible. I am sending you my love which overcomes time". Claudia - Romania.

"My friends and I are studying several of your books. Let me thank you, for I am no more feeling lonely. I travel, my life has become healthy, I have many friends, my vision of live is more complete, I let my inner potential grow, and all this is taking place in a context of daily relationship with God. What more should I ask for? Yet I wish more and more sensitive beings would progressively be able to become aware of the importance of these notions of soul and spirit, and of the awakening to the subtle dimensions". Frédérique B. - France.

"I wanted to live my life in a connected, qualitative way, in a spirit of totality and synthesis. And this is exactly what I found in your teachings, Appel Guéry". Yolande B., England - UK.

"When I was a teenager, the world offered me a reduced span of possibilities for my being's development. In a relentless search for adventure and experiments, it was not difficult to find alternative liberation paths opposite to an oppressing fundamentalist society. So, my lonely steps quickly allowed me to understood that I was on one end of an horizontal path. In a moment of meditation - which means "going towards the middle", there were two paths, one behind, and the other one in front of me, in other words, to the past and to the future compared to my known present. In this unique instant when the thirst of my inner being was ultimate, a friendly angel invited me to meet a few people who were talking about "seekers, adventurers of spirit, artists..."
"Few words but a lot of resonance. In the first contact, my thirst was quenched as I perceived the purity of the source. The gate of my future was opening in front of me. The most important for me in this information was the synthesis between past traditions, operational programme, leading-edge technology and civilisations. These elements of communion with these people have helped me redimensioning my lifestyle, and not in utopia and fiction, whereas in the joy and inspiration of living the totality of being a cosmic being." José de B., Campinas - Brazil.

"I have chosen to live what I like most and I have found in your books some incredible coincidental elements. This past-present-future synthesis has set me in resonance in a very remote past somewhere in which I feel I have been a sacred vestal. I was able to recover a sort of quintessence of this dimension in the present so that it may propel me into the future also. This allowed me to situate my life in an evolution line towards timelessness. Thank you IJP. Appel Guéry for all this awareness..." Sylvie B., France.

"Studying and participating in his transmissions brings me confidence in the future and a vision of a new humankind conscious of everyone's responsibility in the rebuilding of a harmonious planet that participates in the balance of the universe. It is true that what one does has an influence over another one, for all of us are linked together. I am presently living with a new family that is ceaselessly working in order to create a communion society based on Truth, Goodness and Beauty". Shanti G., Porto Alegre - Brazil

"Dear IJP. Appel Guéry, here in Calcutta with my friends we are very happy with what you have taught us. I personally believe that a person who has so many perceptions and knowledge of different worlds cannot be an ordinary being but somebody of a very high level. I hope sometime I may possibly reach this superior level". Soumyo, India.

"I enjoy very much having taken you as a reference. I like your teachings very much in my daily life... I am very much grateful and thankful to you. Thank you for having given me the possibility to reach all this information". Elvira, Italy.

"In 1990, Mr. Appel Guéry, I came upon your teachings. At once I felt a great correspondence with all that I had been seeking for several years. I decided to learn these teachings more deeply with several people who wanted to live a supra-personal spiritual dimension. The benefits we obtained were surprising. We gained access to the world of energy. My inner consciousness was clarified and I had a new vision of myself, of others, of the world and of the universe. This new vision endowed me with a more exactperception of the divine Creating Principle that generates harmony and perfection. I thank you." Hilda B.- Brazil

"These teachings allowed me to discover the reality of the subtle invisible worlds. I was able to grow a better perception of the weaves that in fact are ruling human existence. This perception allows you to live with more consciousness because you perceive the totality of the games instead of being taken away into the appearances and illusion of the form". Nadine V., London - UK.

"In January 1991, I contacted you teachings, I.J.P. Appel Guéry. At once I was impelled to transform a lot of things in my life. For instance, I became a vegetarian. With the knowledge of the energetic worlds and the exercises and meditations, I learned how to detect, perceive, control and direct the energies in my aural field and my environment. Now I feel that I can progressively accelerate my evolution and intensify some of my OBSEQUIOS, such as telepathy and premonition. I still have a lot to learn and I hope I will be able to go further on the path of Goodness, Beauty and Truth". Alcyone M., Ribeirão Preto - Brésil

"One day I met a being, and thanks to this being my life has changed. This is why I wanted to thank you, Appel Guéry. You helped me find again the true essence of my soul, the essence of my own being". Michelle G., Marseille - France.

"From the age of 18, with a few friends, I have been studying your teachings, Mr Appel Guéry. In these ten years of contact, I were able to have many experiments on several levels of my being. They brought me fundamental revelations. I have left a restrictive life and I now have more intense exchanges with other beings who also are doing a spiritual search, which has brought us closer together and has unified us. During this period of time, I purified myself physically, and I let go of habits that were wrong for my physical and psycho-emotional health. I learnt the delicacy of vegetarian cooking and I learned more closely to the rhythms of my body. I learned how to meditate, to calm my thought and to illuminate the energetic points of my body. I observed the energetic changes around me and inside my own system. I were able to penetrate the complexity of the weave that rules my psycho-emotional body and I understood better the games that take place between people. I could see that I am a whole system of things that are recorded in my memory beyond this life, along with the memory of a time without time in which everything was harmonious and close to the pure wise source that nourishes the heart of the human beings. I am always wondering more and more intensely why I am passing here, in this epoch which is very special for humankind. I know inside of me that I must make my connection with this source more stronger, in order to join my inspiration with that of other beings who are also helping in the growth of this tree that is bringing a new feeding to the humans of this time, a synthesis of past and present..." M. R., Caraguatatuba - Brazil.

"I am 43 years old, I am Italian, I work as a computer technician in a university. I was able to be in contact with your books, which gave me the opportunity to know, through this precise consciousness information, a more inner vision of my own being and that which is way beyond appearances..". Sabrina N., Italia.

"I have a great desire to return with the Father God... I speak of this great desire to the Gods, and the Intra-Universal Unitary Science helps me in this achievement. I congratulate you for what you do and what you are. I have the clear sensation that we have known us for a very long time..." Linda F., CANADÁ.

"I can say that my life began when I found IJP. Appel Guéry's teachings in 1990. Before that time, I was always seeking something else that would put me to question. I have found a state of happiness similar to the state of being in love. This wisdom has created a source of inspiration, and my desire to drink from this source and to learn was so strong that I could not stop. I had to transform myself, and this gave me strength. This is how I learnt how to appreciate, desire, develop, know, perceive and contact the simplicity in an essential way. With these teachings, I were able to understand and transform several things in my life, coming closer to Truth and Beauty that were far away but still existing within my inner self. With the programme in twelve planes, I learnt how to every day adjust to this dimension of consciousness and amplify it..." Darci Aohki, Brazil.

"In Romania I received the Prescience transmission. I began studying them. These things are very interesting for me, even if they seem strange sometimes because it is the first time I am learning such an area of science... I am curious to read some of your other books. You are taking care of the most difficult but most interesting domain. The whole life of a person should be a creation. We must create something every day, and it is good that you have the possibility of create useful things for human beings. But often human beings are not at all grateful... I have been able to translate your book Internel Awakening. I did this work with pleasure. This book offered great interest for my daughter and myself, and we translated it together. At the end of the school year my daughter presented it as a thesis for artistic drawing both in French and in Romanian, and she received the highest reward. She was very happy, she sends her best thanks to you for this source of inspiration. Therefore I would be pleased to read another of your books". Tatiana Stavinschi, Romania.

"My mind was feeling restless, unsatisfied and sad. I was living far from what seemed essential to me. I was looking for something but I did not know what it was. With your books, I became aware of that which I had been seeking. And now I am very happy, in spite of all the trials. I feel that the best richness in my life is to be on a path of return towards the divine source. Following a programme helps me feel in the right place and in my own mission in order to come to the celestial mansion. I send my thanks to all the visible and invisible beings for all the help I have been receiving all the time". Regina - Brazil.

"In September 1993, I participated in an encounter of the world wide network for planetary consciousness in Alto Paraiso, Brazil. I was 43. For the last two years I had been intensely looking for new spiritual paths. In this event, I had the opportunity to know about your teachings, IJP. Appel Guéry. This was a very decisive moment for me. The aspirations of my soul and my dreams have formalised. I could not imagine it existed. Now I feel better connected to the superior dimensions of my being. I learnt how to contact softness, beauty, creativity, love and inner peace. I became able to manage the inferior and exterior forces that prevented me from evolving. Day after day my impulse towards the subtle dimensions of existence is augmenting, and also my mastery over the forces that want to keep me away from my interior realisation". Ignez C., Brazil.

"Some energies may call you... some day. I could precisely feel that the wind of the call had come up. My best thanks for your teachings". Dominique K., Strasbourg - France.

"In my life, there were two important phases for my spiritual path. The first one took place when I took classes in Trancendental Meditation. My perception channels opened up and I became more tolerant, more understanding, more in harmony with myself and the others. In transcendence, I contacted the divine spark that exists within everybody. The second phase happened when I heard about your teachings, Mr. Appel Guéry. In the "Twelve Planes - Prescience II", I discovered the elements that allow the evolution of the human being in all the levels of life and how to manage in order to obtain the best result. The following key-sentences have helped me a lot in changing my lifestyle: "To know God and to resemble Him." - "I think it is necessary to give a certain value to happiness, for in happiness one may love God." Then I learnt not to set a distance between me and God. Instead, I was able to become God's accomplice and to invoke Him so as to have him always in my thoughts, my desires and my actions. I stopped feeling separated. I became whole and happier and happier". Marilu B., Rio de Janeiro - Brazil.

"Now I have a true goal in my existence, and I feel that I am going to be able to live it. For me, it is normal, it is clear, it flows from the source. My inner strength is totally resonating with this programme of accuracy and precision that is transmitted in your works, IJP. Appel Guéry. I finally have the strong feeling of being alive". Camille V., France.

"When listening to a tape, I became sensitised to your teachings. It made me discover and integrate in my life the important notion of initiation connected to spiritual superior consciousness. I transformed myself and became a more social, flexible and happy person connected to the superior levels. I were able to do a self-analyse and correct my way of speaking. I found essential references for the organisation of a different lifestyle in which I could apply them permanently. This inner journey required that I get out illusions and be reborn into knowledge. I developed my inner perceptions and connected them to cosmic order. With these teachings I created a base for my evolution, thank you. Benedita L., São Lourenço - Brazil.

"After I had read the Prescience booklets from your teachings, Mr; Appel Guéry, a new conception of life was born within me. I acknowledged the presence of my different bodies, of the visible and invisible, inner and outer universe that exists around me. I gained a better mastery over my body and my thoughts that became clearer thanks to certain exercises of energy management and meditations. I have understood the various weaves that rule the universe, and also why we are here. Everybody has a part to play, a mission to carry out. We must accomplish it in the best way in order to evolve and return to the Creating Spirit. Ana - Brazil.

"Several woman and myself had been waiting for this wonderful book because we knew it would help us understand our womanhood better along with our role on the planet. All of us desire live in a better harmony, play our part near the man and serve the superior dimensions... This is an avant-garde book and all the women should read it. It would help them find again their divine essence and wholeness as beings of a female essence... I thank IJP. Appel Guéry in the name of all the women of CANADÁ... A very special privileged present for the woman". Réjane B., - CANADÁ.

"Thank you IJP Appel-Guéry for your very precise advanced teachings that allowed me to free myself from the traditional attitude and to build a more subtle dimension in the search for immortality. This is an opening of consciousness that helped me a lot, along with the meditations and interiorisation exercises. I feel happier, I reinforce my spiritual line. I have reached a better mastery over my powers and I am more efficient in every action for a greater operativity..." N. S., - Brazil.

"I have always been looking for that which is the core of your teachings. Thanks to you, I have now found it. I want to find again my divine essence, reinforce my inner link, become unified to unity. I know that an inner strength directed me toward this information. I must work on all my potentials in order to create a connection between the inferior and superior parts of my nature. Then, I will be able to transmit these teachings to other beings who are also trying to find this Truth, Goodness and Beauty. I find here all the elements in order to do this work. Thank you". Hélène P. - CANADÁ.

"The study of your books, IJP. Appel Guéry, helped me get out of sadness, fatigue and an inferiority complex. Today, I am seeking the path of peace. I have a better sense of humour, goodwill and humility. I finally managed to love myself, to be more patient with myself and to give importance to my feelings. I am more confident in myself, I am no more overwhelmed by the judgement of others, and I am satisfied with what I am. I am more enthusiastic and courageous and less inhibited". Arlete T., São Paulo - Brazil.

"The first time I read the Intra-Universal Unitary Science, I remained stuck on my chair in telepathic reading for the next 8 hours. All my spiritual bodies were being nurtured. The intense thirst that had devoured my life for a long time was suddenly being quenched in the blessed water of the Source: eventually God's voice was directly speaking to me. This was not the tale of somebody who has seen and who knows. It was not the re-arrangement of ancient things. No. This was direct, very simply, in a totally new cosmic instant. From this moment on, a lot of unforeseen, improvised and sometimes never expected changes took place. My life was transformed. A very small unimportant-looking book with a crumpled paperATRÁS had stamped its direction upward in a definite way: only the first seven chapters of a huge work, but already containing the clear and sparkling manifestations of the universal weaves, the actions of the Gods and the path of God, in the midst of this light that even blind people can perceive. This was the beginning of my journey..." Gioia S., Italy.

"You restored my hope... And this is huge for the Return. Without this dimension I would not be able to take a single step forward. Thanks to the meditations, I keep the connecting thread. The Unitary Science is within my heart". Elisabeth L., France

"Your messages are precious and important for me, thank you. I with to continue my work in this direction for my spiritual advance". Akito, Japan

"I am writing in order to tell you how grateful to you I am. Our contact was the answer to the request I had done. Even if I am not serving Heaven near you, I know that together we are participating in the intention of the cosmic Unity in the whole creation. With all my gratitude. Catherine A., Le Mans - France.

"Spiritual beings like you help us be proud to be living and permit us to feel that our planet is still a very interesting place with large possibilities for a better life. Spiritual beings like you, caring for our life, make us perceive that everything is worth it. Now I know what it means for me to know and study the Unitary Science..." Percy N., Brazil.